What is the IT Works Body Wrap?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is made by It Works Global and sold through Independent Distributors (like me).

It is a botanically infused woven cloth, that you place on your skin which helps people tighten, tone and firm their skin. It can help to remove the appearance of cellulite and rejuvenates the skin.

Here is an example of what the wraps can help to achieve. try-it You can do the Wrap on any part of your body (except the face) and can be anywhere you like. No need for going to the beauty spa you can wrap yourself at home.

If you want to improve your chin, neck, bottom, thighs, stomach, back, breasts / chest or feet, you can use the Body Applicator. It is a no mess way to get a treatment in 45 minutes.

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Independent Distributor

Hi, I'm Darryl and I am a Diamond Level Leader, an IT Works Independent Distributor and I love helping people change they way they feel about themselves after using these products! Read more

Loyal Customer Program

Tighten, tone and firm your body using our no fuss Body Wraps. Loyal Customers get wholesale prices forever and you can also become a Distributor and make money too!

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